David C. Adams

Composer // Teacher // Performer


David's approach to music education features a blend of fundamentals, technique, and repertoire, with emphasis on theoretical understanding. After assessing a student's present knowledge and abilities, he works with the student to devise a plan to build and reinforce their musical foundation, supplimenting existing literature with discussions and assignments tailored to the individual. This allows the work to stay focused on what the student is ready to learn, rather than following a one-size-fits-all prescription.

Occasionally, he composes new music for students who demonstrate sufficient aptitude and dedication.

He delights in seeing the dawning light of new understanding brighten people's eyes. Whatever their musical acumen or aspirations, he works to equip students with tools and approaches they can carry forward in life to help reach their goals and deepen their fundamental experience of music.

To inquire about lessons, reach out by email to davidcarltonadams (at) gmail.com