David C. Adams

Composer // Multi-Instrumentalist // Teacher // Performer


Always drawn to sound and music, David’s ears have led him on a lifelong adventure through all things auditory. He picked up a little bit of trumpet, recorder, and piano before diving into the viola section of his 5th grade orchestra, where he continued to develop through high school, leading the section his senior year. By then, he had found the guitar, which came easily to him.

Leaving his university studies of Chemical and Nuclear Engineering, Dave struck out on a journey of self-discovery and musical exploration that included performing and recording as a lead guitarist, bassist, pianist/keys player, violinist, violist, cellist, and singer, both as a sideman and as a frontman. After a few years, David realized he could no longer teach himself quickly enough to satisfy his thirst for musical growth, and went back to school to study composition. Turning down a generous offer from the New England Conservatory, he elected to stay in Austin to work with the wonderful composition and vocal faculties at UT’s Butler School of Music, where he graduated in 2014.

Now, having jammed original funk-rock onstage at Antone’s, premiered works written by himself and others in halls from Austin to Chicago, performed the symphonic music of Mozart in Vienna, and sung Fauré’s Requiem in Carnegie Hall, and while maintaining an active performing and recording career, David spends his days writing newly commissioned works; performing in a broad variety of functions, styles, and venues; practicing the too many instruments he plays; writing, arranging, and recording in Austin and Houston; and teaching music to students as young as four and as old as you please. David also recently became a co-director at Fast Forward Austin, a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to presenting new and innovative music to the Austin community.